Message from the Chairman
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Phisudhi Phihakendr

The most important risk factors of the world’s economy in 2015 were the slowdown of the Chinese economy in both production index and the fluctuations of its stock market, which consequently effects the supply and demand within the country.

The delay of the world’s economy leads to the ongoing strategies. This is another challenging year for our group of companies since our main customers are in China. However, we are always striving for the best to improve cost efficiency and maintain our market shares and to achieve our target. In addition, the company continues to expand customers domestically and internationally in China, India and South Korea and recently to Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The company continues to build sustainable growth with the target to develop efficient supply chain and still engage the mission of 5 years, 5 mines and 5 markets to become one of the leading coal supplier and to fulfill the requirement of the customers.

In any cases, from the business point of view, the company focuses on good governance with transparent management along with the corporate social responsibilities.

On behalf of the board of directors, management team and every employee, I would like to thank the shareholders, domestic and international customers, financial institutions as well as all related parties for the continuing trust and support to the company. The company keeps the promise to strive for the most benefits of all related parties through the good governance, transparent management and corporate social responsibilities for the sustainable growth.