Message from the Managing Director
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Khajohnpong Khamdee
(Managing Director)

We have successfully accomplished the business performance and goals in 2015, especially the expansion of the coal supply to 6 key markets, which are Thailand, China, India, South Korea, Hong Kong and Bangladesh. The opportunity for growth is still wide open, and the company is in the process of delivering to the 7th market which is Taiwan and soon to be Philippines, Sri Lanka and Japan.

From the focus of the management and every employee, we are able to manage cost efficiency, leading to the continuing growth. In 2015 the company reported the net profit of THB 1,026.93 million with the total sales volume of 10.34 million Metric Tons from the year 2014 of 8.36 million Metric Tons (grow +23.70%). Also the total revenue is reported to be THB 16,846.75 million compared to the year 2014 of THB 14,910.92 million (grow +12.98%). This leads to the dividend pay at the end of the year (ending 31st December, 2015) to the shareholders at THB0.15 per common share.

Nonetheless, the company has not stopped at this point. Recently we are exploring new opportunities for solar power plants in various countries and also for coal-fired power plant in Indonesia. The power plant business will strengthen the overall performance and competitive advantage, which diversifies the business risks and generate more revenue and profit for our sustainable growth.

To be the leader in sustainable business, the company always holds true to good governance and transparent management. We are also responsible for corporate social responsibilities, which we see will grow strong together with our business.

Lastly on behalf of the board of directors, I would like to thank the management and every employee for driving the performance of the company to grow and most importantly to shareholders, customers, financial institutions as well as all the business partners that continue to support the company.